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GRENEKER Vintage Female Mannequin Full Realistic Black Tina Turner Glass Eyes



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  • stunning and rare African American sculpt in a strong, sexy pose

  •  one-of-a-kind refinishing to match Tina Turner's iconic look. Glass-acrylic eyes and long lashes

  • pierced ears

  • Ultra realistic features including natural painted breast and painted nail polish on the fingers and toes

  • separates arms, hands, torso and legs- arms can be rotated

  • highest quality from Greneker and meticulously made in the USA

  • styrofoam head cap

  • heavy duty metal stand with bum rod

  • Wig is included!

  • Sorry but clothing, jewelry and/or accessories are not included

  • All vintage mannequins may show minor imperfections which can include include:

    - minor evidence of previous repairs




Era circa:  1983

Designer: Greneker

Made in: USA

Color(s): 6

Material(s):  fiberglass

Condition: excellent used / Refinished

Name: Dawn (as Tina Turner)

Head code: DA

Collection: Untamed

Code: UT5 (with UT2 left arm)

Info from brochure:
Dress size: 8

shoe size: about 7

heel height: 4"

- mannequin

- wig

- metal base

- bum rod


* we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Dawn as Tina Turner~ by Greneker

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