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Vintage Italian Female Sitting Mannequin Big Eyes Realistic Full Life Size




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  • Extremely rare Italian model a feminine, elegant sitting pose
  • Original face paint lightly touched up with subtle shimmer added to the eyelids, high gloss lips and extra thick lashes for added drama
  • Separates at waist, one legs, both arms & hands - arms can be rotated to achieve different positions but are intended to be placed in the position shown
  • pierced ears can use post only
  • very high quality
  • no wigs, accessories or clothing are included
  • Original condition with some touch-ups shows some very minor nicks and scratches in the paint. Please look through ALL OF THE PHOTOS in the folder link above. No cracks or holes, only surface scratches. She still presents very beautifully but would not take much effort  to bring her back to impeccable condition.
  • This manufacturer is no longer in existance so she is very rare. This is an item that you can consider an investment as they will only become more rare and valuable.


Era: late 1960's-1970's

Designer: Arthema/ Mitnacht

Sculptor: Charles Demar

Name: Desiree

Collection: Desiree

Code: 9

Heel height: 3"

Shoe Size (US):7.5


Note: we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Desiree~ by Arthema/Mitnacht

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