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ROOTSTEIN Vintage Female Mannequin Ira Girl Thing Realistic Full Life Size



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โš ๏ธafter this purchase, we will email a link for a $5 "shipping & packing materials" transaction through ebay.  The transaction can not be shipped until the ebay transaction is completed (this is not required if you have completed any ebay transaction with us within the last 30 days)



  • rare Ira face

  • Original Rootstein paint

  • Separates at 1 leg, waist, both arms & hands - not posable

  • very rare and high quality fiberglass, made in the USA

  • real eyelashes & pierced ears

  • wigs, accessories and/or clothing are not included

  • Original condition with minor imperfections, as shown in photos link. Used, imperfect but presents so beautifully that you may never really notice any issues

  • may show evidence of: former repairs, bumps, scuffs, fading, paint chipping, dings  - as is



Era circa:  1990's

Designer: Rootstein

Made in: USA

Color(s): -

Material(s):  fiberglass

Condition: very good used / as is

Name: Irena Bezrukova (Ira)

Collection: Girl Thing

Code: AR10

Height:  72"

Bust: 33"

Waist: 25"

Hips: 33"

shoe size: about 7-8

- -

Included: mannequin

basic metal foot stand

~Ira~ by Rootstein Mannequins

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