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PATINA V Rare Vintage Realistic Black Female Mannequin Face Full Size Glass eyes & Teeth



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  • Stunning, rare piece! One of the few mannequins to escape Victoria’s Secret when they decided to send all of their special mannequins to the landfills in 2006.

  • Incredible face sculpt of the remarkable beauty, Karen D. Aubert. Fully repainted in an appropriate, melanin-rich body tone and face meticulously painted with artist portrait oils.

  • Gorgeous features, Smoky eyes with gold shimmer powder, gloss-kissed, parted lips showing acrylic dental implants and custom color hazel-green glass eyes with thick, real lashes. Natural painted breast, collarbone highlights and painted nails.

  • pierced ears

  • Strong, confidant pose that works for many types of styles

  • separates arms, torso and legs- not posable other than the pose that is shown

  • highest quality from Patina V USA. Patina V mannequins last FOREVER. They are known as the "work horse" to visual merchandisers due to their ability to handle decades of work.

    Patina V's factory closed in 2018 so these are very rare and no longer manufactured

  • comes with the stand shown which is a raw metal foot spike stand

  • Sorry but clothing, jewelry, wigs and/or accessories are not included

  • Excellent vintage/used, refinished condition. May show slight signs of former repairs. wrist are fused (Victoria's Secret custom order option) and body shows some light bumps. Presents absolutely stunning
  • We allow up to 10 day to ensure the safest packing but we usually ship much faster.



Era circa: 2000's

Designer: Patina V

Made in: USA

Color(s): 6A

Material(s): fiberglass

Condition: excellent used / refinished

Name: Karen D. Aubert (KD head code)

Collection: Fashionista

Code: FT6A



  • mannequin
  • metal foot stand


Info from the manufacturers brochure:

Size: 6/8

Height: 72"


Shoe Size: 7

Heel: 3.5"

~ Karen D ~ by Patina V Mannequins

$2,200.00 Regular Price
$2,125.00Sale Price
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