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NEW JOHN NISSEN Male Mannequin LEON Full Realistic Vintage 90s


  • Extremely rare model from the late 1990's.  
  • original paint with body highlighting & shadow hair for added realism
  • Impossible to find!
  • all original parts
  • Separates at the leg, waist, both arms & hands - not posable
  • very rare and high quality rotational molding for extreme realism all the way down to the veins on the back of the hands. No other mannequin company came even close to the realism that New John Nissen did.
  • real top eyelashes
  • As vintage, realistic mannequins become harder to find, their value only increases. This mannequin is not only an amazing merchandising tool and impossible to find, he is an investment as he is complete and very rare
  • May show very minor indications of refinishing & signs of handling (small scratch on the back of shadow hair)
  • hard cap wig shown is available HERE in our wig section 



Era circa: 1990's

Designer: New John Nissen

Made in: Belgium

Color(s): cauc

Material(s): Rotationally molded

Condition: excellent/used

Name: Leon

Collection: Collection M

Code: H6



Height: 71"

Neck: 16"

Chest: 40"

Waist: 33"

Hip: 40"

Pant length: 34"

Shoe: 11

Suit: 40"


Accessories included:

original foot spike base


Not included:

wigs, clothing, jewelry

~Leon H6~ by New John Nissen

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