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ROOTSTEIN Rare Vintage Mannequin Realistic Full Size Margo Face w Teeth




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  • Extremely rare Margo in an elegant pose
  • Parts of the face have been repainted to repair damage to the original paint. Original factory, eyes and brow shape. New rouging, Gold glitter eyeshadow, gold glitter glossed lips, detailed painted teeth and new lashes.
  • Pierced ears
  • Separates at waist, legs, both arms & hands
  • high quality fiberglass
  • basic raw metal foot stand is included
  • no wigs, accessories or clothing are included
  • Adel Rootstein mannequins are the most collectable mannequins in the world. The last factory closed a few years ago so these are no longer made. This is an item that you can consider an investment as they will only become more rare and valuable.
  • as-is condition. May show typical signs of use including: paint chipping, paint scuffs, evidence of former repairs, cracks, touched up paint, tape, tape residue, dust.


  • Era: 1982
  • Designer: Rootstein
  • Name: Margo
  • Collection: Leisure Pleasure
  • Code: T5
  • Height: about 5'9"



  • mannequin
  • metal foot stand


Note: we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Margo~ by Rootstein

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