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Mannequin Foot Stand Steel Metal Base Spike Post for Patina V Rootstein Modern +




custom manufactured part that we use on almost all of our compatible mannequins.

100% manufactured in the heartland of the USA

This will fit any Patina V, Rootstein and/or Modern mannequins with a round foot

hole. We use a 7/16" diameter post because a 1/2" post can be too tight for some models and get stuck.

We can not accept returns for fit so please be sure that you have measured your model for fit.

these are nice, heavy raw steel (unpainted/uncoated) that you can custom coat or paint to match your flooring.

photo that is shown is for reference - natural steel imperfections may vary but measurements will always be the same


base: 15x15 (1/8" thick)post: 5 3/4" tall x 7/16" diameter weight: 8 lbs.


--There is no print on these - the print in the photos is only a watermark to prevent image theft.

Metal Foot Stand for Rootstein Patina V etc

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