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GRENEKER Vintage Realistic Full Size Female Mannequin Movable Blue Glass Eyes



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  • stunning and EXTREMELY rare, high quality  piece in a unique, expressive seated pose

  •  one-of-a-kind hand painted face refinishing. Incredible face in a summery, natural makeup with movable blue glass eyes which are intensified with long lashes and pierced ears

  • realistic features including natural painted breast

  • separates arms, hands and leg- not posable other than the pose that is shown

  • highest quality from Greneker and meticulously made in the USA

  • styrofoam head cap for access to the back of the eyes

  • Sorry but clothing, jewelry, wigs and/or accessories are not included

  • All vintage mannequins may show minor imperfections which can include include:

    - evidence of previous repairs, chips, cracks, paint imperfections, mismatched paint color. the right hand is taped to the arm, the underside of the legs are dirty and scuffed but can't be seen when she is in her normal position




Era circa:  1986

Designer: Greneker

Made in: USA

Color(s): 5

Material(s):  fiberglass

Condition: good used / face refinished

Name: Pascal

Head code: PA

Collection: Nonchalance

Code: NN2


Info from brochure:
Dress size: Jr. 7/8 - Miss 8

shoe size: about 7

heel height: 2.5"


- mannequin


* we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Pascal ~ by Greneker

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