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GRENEKER Vintage 80s Realistic Full Female Mannequin Woman Plus Size Paulina




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  • Extremely rare "plus size" semi realistic model a chic, dramatic pose
  • Original face paint has been touched up to replicate the original factory finish
  • built in shoes (painted black)
  • Separates at waist, legs, both arms & hands 
  • pierced ears
  • very high quality
  • no accessories or clothing are included
  • Please look through ALL OF THE PHOTOS in the folder link above. She presents very beautifully but would not take much effort  to bring her back to impeccable condition. Being sold as-is.
  • May contain: bumps, cracks, former repairs, sun bleaching, holes, breaks, chips , discoloration,  scuffs, tape residue, tape, glue, dust/dirt, rust. 
  • additional note: right arm bolt fitting has a repair that works well but can be somewhat fickle to line up. We've never had issues getting it together but it might seem tricky to some people.
  • This model is no longer manufacturered so she is very rare. This is an item that you can consider an investment as they will only become more rare and valuable.




Era: late 1980's

Designer: Greneker

Name: Rachael (Paulina Porizkova)

Head Code: HRH

Collection: Le GrandeDame

Code: GD4

Dress 14
Bust 37
Waist 28
Hip 38



  • mannequin
  • raw metal foot base stand


Note: we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Rachael~ by Greneker

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