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PATINA V Vintage Realistic Full Life Size Female Mannequin w Freckles - IN7A Rebecca Ingenue



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  • face has been professionally refreshed
  • Ultra realistic features including natural painted breast, freckles, pierced ears and real eyelashes
  • Original glass base with butt rod  base is included
  • separates arms, hands, waist and legs- not posable other than the pose that is shown
  • highest quality, meticulously detailed from Patina V, made in the USA which is no longer in business so these have become extremely scarce
  • Sorry but clothing, jewelry, wigs and/or accessories are not included
  • Shows signs of retail use most notably on: scuffing on the back, chipping around edges



Era circa: body 1995

Designer: Patina V

Made in: USA

Color(s): 2

Material(s): fiberglass

Condition: excellent used / face refreshed

Name: Rebecca
Head Code: RB

Collection: Ingenue

Code: IN7A



height: about 5'11"

size: 8

shoe size: about 7

heel height: 3"


- mannequin

- glass base with butt rod


- we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Rebecca~ by Patina V

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