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Genesis Mannequin Black Female Full Size Realistic Face Ethnic Vintage RARE



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  • Unique, sleek pose displays clothing with a chic edge

  • Face has been profesionally touched up to add extra dimension and soul

  • Pierced ears (post only)

  • highest quality from Genesis Mannequins.

  • comes apart at the waist, both arms, leg and hands

  • Original glass stand with foot spike base is included

  • Please look through ALL PHOTOS in the folder link above. Presents beautifully.
  • May contain: bumps, former repairs, chips , color differences,  scuffs, tape residue, tape, glue, dust/dirt. 
  • sorry, no other wigs, accessories or clothing are included



Era circa: 2000's

Designer: Genesis

Made in: China

Color(s): -

Material(s): fiberglass or other

Condition: Excellent refreshed used with minor imperfections

Name: Shanice

Collection: Gentle

Code: GTLF-05

Height: about 6'2"

Bust: about 32.5

Waist: about 24

Hips: about 34.5

Shoe Size: about 7

Heel Height: 4

Width: 39.5



  • mannequin
  • glass foot spike stand 


Note: we allow 10 days from purchase for shipping to ensure that your mannequin is packaged as secure as possible but we usually ship much faster

~Shanice~ by Genesis


    We drew inspiration from catwalks around the world when creating the poses in our GENTLE line. Their semi-abstract contemporary design and a hint of sex appeal make GENTLE the perfect mannequins to highlight Haute Couture and high-end clothing.

    • Protective Nano-finish guards against scratches and dirt (optional)
    • Bio-based materials
    • Less than 22 lbs
    • equipped with removable heels varnished in the same color as the respective mannequin. This creative feature lends a complete look to any outfit even if it doesn’t include shoes. If you’d like to display shoes later on, the heels are easily removable.


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