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We are a full service mannequin liquidation service, mannequin sales,  recycling and mannequin salvage company. We buy entire collections from individuals and retailers. contact us


Our private warehouse, with over 500 mannequins, is located in the Columbus Area Ohio. We mainly serve Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky & Florida (but contact us from anywhere and we might be able to help). 



Sorry, but we do not offer free identification and/or valuations of your mannequins.

We get calls & messages daily asking us to help ID and/or place a value on mannequins.  We do not offer either service for free. There is a $30 non-refundable donation (per mannequin) for our time, effort, knowledge and database.  Payment is due before any information is provided. If we can not identify your mannequin, we will not accept the task.  If you would like for us to identify or give you a valuation of your mannequin Send us a message and we will send you our paypal and venmo codes for payment.

We ship nationwide


Send us a message 


Please send us a message with your project details for a quote or See our services page here!

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